Orwell Bible Church

Some Thoughts from 1 Kings 8

I didn’t get around today to posting these on my Twitter feed, so I’ll just list my observations from today’s reading of 1 Kings 8 here: There is no God like the Lord who shows kindness to the… Read More

Account of A Revival of Religion in Plymouth, Connecticut, in the year 1799

This is a selection from New England Revivals As They Existed at the Close of the Eighteenth, and the Beginning of the Nineteenth Centuries, compiled by Bennet Tyler in 1846. This relates various instances from the Second Great Awakening, recorded… Read More

Joshua 10

Israel conquers numerous cities in Southern Palestine through the Lord’s help. Those whom God has marked for destruction cannot escape His judgment v.8 God promised victory and Joshua hastened to battle God’s promises do not encourage sloth but… Read More

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