Joshua 10

Israel conquers numerous cities in Southern Palestine through the Lord’s help.

  • Those whom God has marked for destruction cannot escape His judgment v.8
  • God promised victory and Joshua hastened to battle
  • God’s promises do not encourage sloth but zeal and diligence
  • Those who worship creation rather than the Creator were judged by such
  • Those who make God their enemy are sure to perish
  • Though Joshua marched all night and fought all day, he prayed for the opportunity to serve God more, Isa 40:31; 1 Cor 15:58
  • “Israel did what they could, and yet God did all” (Matthew Henry)
  • God moves hearts to pray for what He gives, vv. 12–14
  • God works through prayer, vv. 12–14
  • God hears our prayers when they are governed by His Word
  • Our prayers show our faith in God’s almighty power, sovereignty, and grace
  • “The same God that rules in heaven above rules at the same time on this earth” (Matthew Henry)
  • All creation is subject to God’s commands; we must therefore flee idolatry
  • Those who think they can hide from God’s judgment deceive themselves and bring about God’s judgment, v. 17
  • Don’t celebrate a victory while the battle still continues, vv. 18–19
  • Wherever you go to flee from God you will always be disappointed, v. 27
  • Someday God will make all His enemies His footstool (Ps 110:1) and put everything under Him (Heb 2:8)
  • When sinners try to thwart God’s justice they succeed only in bringing it upon themselves, v. 33
  • A great amount of work may be done in a little time if we will be busy to take full advantage of opportunities, vv. 29–43
  • If God is for us, who can be against us? V. 42

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