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Judges 18

The Danites, while seeking their inheritance, steal Micah’s idols and priest and then conquer a city. Verses 14ff is a portrait of religious perversion—the exact opposite response to idolatry they should have had! What does the end of… Read More

Judges 17

Micah and his mom engage in syncretistic idolatry, making an idol, house of worship, and establishing a priest. As you read this chapter, note how twisted Israel’s thinking is. Verse 6 is the first time this assessment is… Read More

Judges 11

Jephthah leads Israel’s defense; he attempts peace with Ammon but they resist. Jephthah sacrifices his daughter because of his rash vow. Ammon’s stated reason for fighting Israel (v. 13) is from Numbers 21:24. Regarding Jephthah’s foolish vow (vv…. Read More

Joshua 10

Israel conquers numerous cities in Southern Palestine through the Lord’s help. Those whom God has marked for destruction cannot escape His judgment v.8 God promised victory and Joshua hastened to battle God’s promises do not encourage sloth but… Read More