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Judges 20

Israel gathers and fights against Benjamin and defeats them.

Judges 19

A Levite’s concubine is raped and dies; he dismembers her body and distributes the pieces to each tribe. In verses 15, 22, and 25, note the Gibeonites’ transgression of the Mosaic Law. Who were the ones pounding on… Read More

Judges 18

The Danites, while seeking their inheritance, steal Micah’s idols and priest and then conquer a city. Verses 14ff is a portrait of religious perversion—the exact opposite response to idolatry they should have had! What does the end of… Read More

Judges 17

Micah and his mom engage in syncretistic idolatry, making an idol, house of worship, and establishing a priest. As you read this chapter, note how twisted Israel’s thinking is. Verse 6 is the first time this assessment is… Read More

Judges 16

Samson reveals his secret to Delilah; his hair is shorn and he is imprisoned; he dies destroying thousands of Philistines. Compare verse one with Exodus 20:14. What did the Law say about Samson pursuing a non-Israelite woman (v…. Read More

Judges 15

Samson’s vengeance on the Philistines. Note verses 11-13. This shows how sad a state Israel was in, subjected to the Canaanites and turning over one of their God-given deliverers. Compare Deuteronomy 28:7, 13 & 25, 43-44. What evidence… Read More

Judges 14

Samson kills a lion; he marries a Philistine; he challenges the Philistine with a riddle; they coerce his wife to get the answer. In verses 3-4 the Lord did not create evil or tempt with sin but sovereignly… Read More

Judges 13

The Angel of the Lord informs and instructs Manoah and his wife of the son they would have, and instructs them to raise him as a Nazirite. He is born and named Samson. Do you remember who the… Read More

Judges 12

Civil war ensues between Gilead and Ephraim. Jephthah dies; successive judges are listed. Remember the refrain of Judges (17:6; 18:1; 19:1; 21:25). How would having a godly king have helped in this situation?

Judges 10

Despite the Lord’s deliverance through several judges, Israel engages in idolatry and is thus oppressed. In verse 11, how would the Lord have spoken to Israel? Through what means did He do so in that day and age?… Read More