Some Thoughts from 1 Kings 8

I didn’t get around today to posting these on my Twitter feed, so I’ll just list my observations from today’s reading of 1 Kings 8 here:

  • There is no God like the Lord who shows kindness to the undeserving, v. 23
  • God keeps his promises, v. 24
  • God’s promises should motivate and inform our prayers, vv. 25-26
  • The true God does not dwell in temples or is served by human hands, v. 27
  • In any and every circumstance of life everyone should seek the Lord for mercy and grace, vv. 31-53
  • “You alone know the hearts of all the sons of men,” v. 39b
  • Sinners need God to graciously work in their hearts so they will love and obey him, v. 58
  • A heart that is right with God obeys God, v. 61