Orwell Bible Church

Joshua 15-20

Read: Joshua 15:13-19; 18:1-10; 20 Joshua 15—The borders and cities of Judah. Joshua 16—The borders of Ephraim. Joshua 17—The borders of Manasseh; they are unwilling to drive out the Canaanites to have more territory. Joshua 18—Joshua commands the… Read More

Joshua 13

The land East of the Jordan is divided among the two and a half tribes. Even the strongest must yield to the infirmities of old age We must not expect the older generation to be able to serve… Read More

Joshua 8

Here Israel conquers Ai, builds an altar at Mount Ebal, and reads the blessings and the curses of the Mosaic Law. Problems and sin within the church, family, or soul can cause greater problems than problems and sin… Read More

Joshua 7

In this chapter, Israel is defeated at Ai because Achan took things under the ban from Jericho; Achan and his entire family are stoned and their possessions burned. Love of the world is a difficult root to remove It… Read More

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