Joshua 15-20

Read: Joshua 15:13-19; 18:1-10; 20

Joshua 15—The borders and cities of Judah.
Joshua 16—The borders of Ephraim.
Joshua 17—The borders of Manasseh; they are unwilling to drive out the Canaanites to have more territory.
Joshua 18—Joshua commands the rest of the land to be divided; the borders of Benjamin.

  • While traveling the Ark was surrounded by Israel’s tribes, but now three of each were settled, v. 1
  • “Here [at Shiloh] the ark continued about 300 years, till the sins of Eli’s house forfeited the ark, lost it and ruined Shiloh, and its ruins were long after made use of as warnings to Jerusalem” (Matthew Henry), v. 1
  • The status quo is easy to continue in, even with God’s promises and provision
  •  “Many are diverted from real duties, and debarred from real comforts, by seeming difficulties” (Matthew Henry), v. 3
  • “What we have in the world we must acknowledge God’s property in, and dispose of it as before him, with justice, and charity, and dependence upon Providence” (Matthew Henry), v. 6
  •  “When we are in the way of our duty we are under the special protection of the Almighty” (Matthew Henry), vv. 8–9

Joshua 19—The borders of the tribes of Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali, and Dan.
Joshua 20—Six cities of refuge are established to provide protection and ensure justice.

  • God provides for His people’s every need
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