Joshua 14

Caleb by faith asks for and is granted the hill country.

  • Caleb’s report after spying out the land sprung from the conviction that God’s promise was true, v. 7
  • Moses’ assessment of Caleb (v. 9) testified that Caleb conformed his life to God’s will for God’s glory
  • When you follow God fully when you’re young you will have and enjoy the testimony of such when you’re old
  • Faithfulness stands out when few are faithful, v. 8
  • God keeps us alive by His power and His provision, v. 10
  • The longer you live the more aware you should be of God’s goodness, care, and patience, v. 10
  • A life protected by God’s providence should be devoted to His praise, v. 10
  • As others die, thank God for life and be committed to obedience
  • Caleb chose what was most difficult because he believed in God’s promises, v. 12
  • The anticipation of success is founded on God’s favor and presence, v. 12
  • Depend on and trust in God’s promises and presence, not self, strength, or human support
  • “Those that live by faith value that which is given by promise far above that which is given by providence only” (Matthew Henry)
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