Joshua 13

The land East of the Jordan is divided among the two and a half tribes.

  • Even the strongest must yield to the infirmities of old age
  • We must not expect the older generation to be able to serve God as they once did. The next generation must pick up the sword.
  • Everyone—especially old people—must determine to quickly do what must be done before death keeps them from doing so
  • God will do His work no matter what happens to us
  • God’s sure promises should move God’s people to zealous effort
  • The land was to be divided by God’s will via the lot, which prevented strife (Prov 18:18), not by Joshua, as accusations of favoritism could be made.
  • “The world must be governed, not by force, but right, by the law of equity, not of arms” (Matthew Henry)
  • Written records and documents are essential for remembrance, protection, and prevention
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