Joshua 7

In this chapter, Israel is defeated at Ai because Achan took things under the ban from Jericho; Achan and his entire family are stoned and their possessions burned.

  • Love of the world is a difficult root to remove
  • It is easy to promise yourself secrecy and impunity
  • Though none may see secret sins, God does and will bring such to light, v. 1
  • “True Israelites tremble when God is angry” (Matthew Henry)
  • “Nothing is more grievous to a gracious soul than dishonor done to God’s name” (Matthew Henry)
  • If one does not now repent and forsake sin that separates the sinner from God it will eternally separate them
  • Learning from others’ sin can help our sanctification
  • We must continually ask God and work with Him to examine our lives and carefully review our consciences for our own attempts to hide sin
  • “Let not the best families think it strange if there be those found in them, and descending from them, that prove their grief and shame” (Matthew Henry)
  • Sin injures God and His honor
  • Sincere repentance is specific repentance
  • One sin hardens the heart for other sins
  • Sin demands a great investment yet yields a poor return, Matt 16:26
  • Wandering eyes make weeping hearts, v. 21
  • Kill the desire to sin before sin kills you, v. 21
  • Those who think they can fool God fool only themselves
  • Sinners bring trouble upon those around them and themselves, v. 25
  • Public sin demands public repentance and when necessary public judgment, vv. 24–25

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