Joshua 6

Here Jericho is conquered after Israel marches around it seven days and its wall falls. God instructs everything to be destroyed; Rahab and her family are saved.

  • God as the sovereign Creator can raise up and tear down as He desires, v. 2
  • The walls of Jericho fell by faith, not by force, v. 5
  • “The strongest and highest walls cannot hold out against Omnipotence,” (Matthew Henry)
  • God’s promised deliverances must be expected in His way and time, vv. 14–15
  • Nothing worthy is ever lost by perseveringly doing one’s duty from God, vv. 15–16
  • The people’s shout was one of triumph, faith, and prayer, v. 20
  • God promised them a land flowing with milk and honey, not a land abounding with silver and gold, vv. 18–21
  • What Jericho trusted in for their defense God turned for their destruction, v. 20
  • The God whom you serve in the advance of Christ’s name is the same God whom Joshua served in the destruction of Jericho
  • It is foolish to invest in what God destroys, v. 26

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