Joshua 8

Here Israel conquers Ai, builds an altar at Mount Ebal, and reads the blessings and the curses of the Mosaic Law.

  • Problems and sin within the church, family, or soul can cause greater problems than problems and sin from outside such, v. 1
  • When you stay away from what God forbids you will enjoy what God provides, v. 2
  • Self-denial never means deprivation, v. 2
  • “Treacherous Israelites are to be dreaded more than malicious Canaanites” (Matthew Henry)
  • Love of ease and comfort does not help one fight the Lord’s battles
  • God’s enemies are blinded by their rage and hatred of Him
  • Prosperity hardens the fool and brings his destruction, vv. 6, 14–17
  • The triumph of the wicked is short
  • Those without God will always be ruined
  • God’s provisions must be enjoyed with orderliness, not greedily consumed, v. 27 (cf. 1 Cor 14:33, 40)
  • Obedience to God must not be delayed until our business or comfort in this world is established
  • God’s written Word is His grace and mercy to men
  • It is good and right to make God’s Word readable and accessible to all men
  • The clear and plain ministry of the whole counsel of God is a blessing to all
  • Everyone—regardless of age, gender, or status—should hear God’s Word
  • “The way to prosper in all that we put our hand to is to take God along with us, and in all our ways to acknowledge him by prayer, praise, and dependence” (Matthew Henry)
  • “Man’s device can add no beauty to God’s institutions” (Matthew Henry)



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