Orwell Bible Church

Joshua 11

Israel conquers numerous cities in Northern Palestine through the Lord.

  • Numbers never guarantee success, vv. 1–5
  • Disobedience nullifies God’s command, v. 15
  • Though Joshua was a great commander he was praised for his obedience to God, v. 15
  • Hardness of heart is the ruin of sinners, v. 20
  • Those who are secure in themselves and who do not heed God’s warnings are already marked for God’s judgment, v. 20
  • “Giants are dwarfs to Omnipotence,” vv. 21–22 (Matthew Henry)
  • Israel’s peace was not with the Canaanites but from them, v. 23

Joshua 9

The Gibeonites trick Israel into thinking they are from far away and Israel makes a covenant with them.

  • One will always be deceived if he never consults with God, v. 14
  • Failure to consult with God always brings failure, v. 14
  • Never be pressured by king or crowd to sin against God and go against your conscience, v. 18

Joshua 8

Here Israel conquers Ai, builds an altar at Mount Ebal, and reads the blessings and the curses of the Mosaic Law.

  • Problems and sin within the church, family, or soul can cause greater problems than problems and sin from outside such, v. 1
  • When you stay away from what God forbids you will enjoy what God provides, v. 2
  • Self-denial never means deprivation, v. 2
  • “Treacherous Israelites are to be dreaded more than malicious Canaanites” (Matthew Henry)
  • Love of ease and comfort does not help one fight the Lord’s battles
  • God’s enemies are blinded by their rage and hatred of Him
  • Prosperity hardens the fool and brings his destruction, vv. 6, 14–17
  • The triumph of the wicked is short
  • Those without God will always be ruined
  • God’s provisions must be enjoyed with orderliness, not greedily consumed, v. 27 (cf. 1 Cor 14:33, 40)
  • Obedience to God must not be delayed until our business or comfort in this world is established
  • God’s written Word is His grace and mercy to men
  • It is good and right to make God’s Word readable and accessible to all men
  • The clear and plain ministry of the whole counsel of God is a blessing to all
  • Everyone—regardless of age, gender, or status—should hear God’s Word
  • “The way to prosper in all that we put our hand to is to take God along with us, and in all our ways to acknowledge him by prayer, praise, and dependence” (Matthew Henry)
  • “Man’s device can add no beauty to God’s institutions” (Matthew Henry)



Joshua 7

In this chapter, Israel is defeated at Ai because Achan took things under the ban from Jericho; Achan and his entire family are stoned and their possessions burned.

  • Love of the world is a difficult root to remove
  • It is easy to promise yourself secrecy and impunity
  • Though none may see secret sins, God does and will bring such to light, v. 1
  • “True Israelites tremble when God is angry” (Matthew Henry)
  • “Nothing is more grievous to a gracious soul than dishonor done to God’s name” (Matthew Henry)
  • If one does not now repent and forsake sin that separates the sinner from God it will eternally separate them
  • Learning from others’ sin can help our sanctification
  • We must continually ask God and work with Him to examine our lives and carefully review our consciences for our own attempts to hide sin
  • “Let not the best families think it strange if there be those found in them, and descending from them, that prove their grief and shame” (Matthew Henry)
  • Sin injures God and His honor
  • Sincere repentance is specific repentance
  • One sin hardens the heart for other sins
  • Sin demands a great investment yet yields a poor return, Matt 16:26
  • Wandering eyes make weeping hearts, v. 21
  • Kill the desire to sin before sin kills you, v. 21
  • Those who think they can fool God fool only themselves
  • Sinners bring trouble upon those around them and themselves, v. 25
  • Public sin demands public repentance and when necessary public judgment, vv. 24–25

Joshua 6

Here Jericho is conquered after Israel marches around it seven days and its wall falls. God instructs everything to be destroyed; Rahab and her family are saved.

  • God as the sovereign Creator can raise up and tear down as He desires, v. 2
  • The walls of Jericho fell by faith, not by force, v. 5
  • “The strongest and highest walls cannot hold out against Omnipotence,” (Matthew Henry)
  • God’s promised deliverances must be expected in His way and time, vv. 14–15
  • Nothing worthy is ever lost by perseveringly doing one’s duty from God, vv. 15–16
  • The people’s shout was one of triumph, faith, and prayer, v. 20
  • God promised them a land flowing with milk and honey, not a land abounding with silver and gold, vv. 18–21
  • What Jericho trusted in for their defense God turned for their destruction, v. 20
  • The God whom you serve in the advance of Christ’s name is the same God whom Joshua served in the destruction of Jericho
  • It is foolish to invest in what God destroys, v. 26

Joshua 5

In this chapter, Israel is circumcised; manna ceases; the Captain of the Lord meets Joshua.

  • God is concerned for the honor of His people for His honor is wrapped up with them, v. 9
  • Don’t expect extraordinary support when needs can be met from ordinary means, v. 12
  • God’s gifts match our needs, vv. 10–12
  • God’s encouragements increase proportionate to our difficulties, vv. 13–15
  • God’s help and encouragement are found as we obey Him with diligence and sincerity, vv. 13–15
  • What God by His Word requires of us He by His grace works in us