Matthew 8

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From 8:1–11:1 Matthew records numerous miracles Jesus did. Following his teaching regarding the character of those who would enter the kingdom (vv. 5–7), these miracles were concrete evidence that Jesus was the promised King and Messiah (cf. Isa 35:4, which Matthew quotes in 8:17).

Ethnic Jews were rightly heirs of the kingdom to whom the kingdom promises were made (vv. 11–12). And yet ethnicity alone did not automatically guarantee entering the kingdom. What is required is faith, believing that Jesus is the King. The centurion in verses 5–13—a Gentile—had such faith and Jesus and Jesus said that many like him would be present in the kingdom while Jews who should have believed will be absent (vv. 11–12).

“Son of Man” (v. 20) is a title of the Messiah from Daniel 7:13–14. The Gospels record Jesus using this title for himself more than any other designation.  

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. We often limit “sin” to our souls, but every evil effect in this world is because of sin. Jesus as the Christ and King will someday do away with every one of sin’s effects! His healing of leprosy, paralysis, fever, etc. in this chapter were clear proof of who he is and “advanced previews” of what life will be like in the kingdom!
  2. Truly following Jesus (vv. 18–22) involves a complete break with the world, so that one’s life is not bound up with things or money. One cannot claim to believe Jesus is the Christ and at the same time live for the comforts, accessories, frills, and luxuries of what unbelievers prize and live for.
  3. Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ?