Matthew 7

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Jesus concludes the main body of his teaching with a warning and exhortation regarding hypocritical evaluation of other believers. The warning is against condemning a brother for sin when one has sin in his own life that he hasn’t repented of. The exhortation is to first deal with your own sin and then you will be able to help your brother with his sin.

Jesus closes his teaching (vv. 13–29) urging his hearers to listen to and do what he taught. There is no other way to life (vv. 13–14). Those who teach otherwise are false prophets (vv. 15–20). Last, Jesus says that at the final judgment he will discern between hypocritical profession and genuine faith (vv. 21–23). It is not merely what one says but whether that faith is proven in daily life and practice (vv. 21–29).

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. Jesus does not condemn judging a brother but hypocritical judging (vv. 1–5; cf. Gal 6:1–5). Pray for God to convict you of your own sins! (Psalm 139:23–24)
  2. Verses 7–11 are a great encouragement to persistent, trusting prayer. Pray!
  3. Beware the pressure from others to go the way everyone else is (vv. 13–14)! The majority of humanity is wrong when it comes to spiritual things.