Proverbs 9:1-6

In these last eight chapters Solomon has had a series of “talks” with his sons. He has been teaching what wisdom looks like and emphasizing that it is a matter of life and death. These “talks” give the essential principles of wisdom that will help understand the proverbs given in the rest of the book.

This last “talk” draws things to a close, demonstrating that you must make a decision: choose either wisdom and life or foolishness and death. There are two competing ways of life: wisdom and foolishness. You must choose where you’ll “lay your head,” and be assured, wherever you make your bed, you’ll like in it!

Verses 1-16 continue the concept of wisdom speaking as a person. Her invitation describes a perfect setting and layout (1-2). She provides a large, well-built house (1) and a sumptuous feast (2). What a place to call home! What a feast to enjoy and benefit from! God’s ways are solid and lasting, truly enjoyable and satisfying!

Wisdom’s invitation is an open one (3-6). Wisdom is for those without it—the simple and ignorant (4). Wisdom gives life (5) and receiving her requires rejecting foolishness (6). You can’t go down two different paths or directions; you can’t love righteousness and wickedness. Jesus himself said you must choose one of two ways (Matt 7:13-14) and masters (Matt 6:24).

  1. What do you call “home”? Where do you go for spiritual nourishment?
  2. Do you reject what is wrong (6)? This is necessary, but not enough, you must embrace what is right!
  3. Everyone must choose whether to fear the Lord or not, to follow wisdom or foolishness. What have and will you choose?
  4. Young people are especially in view in these “talks.” They face a decision to follow the world or the Lord. Will you pray for them? Will you talk to them and urge them to follow the Lord?
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