Proverbs 8:32-36

“Wisdom” closes her autobiography with an admonition: “Listen to me, or else!” There are definite responsibilities with definite results, both positive (32b, 34–35) and negative (36). What you will experience (blessing and life or pain and death) match up with what you do with wisdom. As you read verses 32–34, did you “hear” the beginning of the chapter? Note especially vv. 3 and 34! Life belongs to those who listen to God’s wisdom with obedience (32), love, respect, and approval (33), and constant, expectant attention (34). To experience pain and death all you need do is ignore Wisdom, disdaining and sinning against her. You might wonder how “wisdom” can be sinned against (v. 36); remember from yesterday’s devotional that wisdom is an attribute of God. We know God by and from his attributes; he is what his attributes are. If you reject and disdain God’s wisdom, you’re rejecting and showing contempt for him, and when you sin against the Lord you wrong your own soul. Dear friend, listening to wisdom is vital for living in God’s world!

  1. God’s blessing doesn’t rest on one who merely hears his Word. What is necessary? (v. 32b; cf. Matt 7:24–27)
  2. There are only two responses to God’s wisdom in his Word, obedient, loving approval or sinful, hateful disdain. How are you responding? How you live is the answer!
  3. Regular, continual, daily listening is required (vv. 32–34). Why?
  4. Why is it that if one hates the Lord he loves death (v. 36)?