Proverbs 7:1-5

These fatherly “talks” provide the “glasses” that give you wisdom’s essential facts and principles for understanding the proverbs of chapters 10–11. This next “talk” teaches you to love the truths of heaven to resist lying lusts that lead to hell (7:1-27). It has three parts:

1. God’s protection from immorality, 1-5
2. The foolishness of immorality, 6-23
3. The end of immorality, 24-27

What does God’s protection from immorality involve (1-5)? First, you must faithfully obey God’s Word (1-2). Merely knowing and having God’s Word isn’t enough—you must “keep” and “treasure” them (1). Your eye is the most delicate part of your body, so you guard it when something gets in it. That’s how sensitive you must be to keeping God’s Word, for in it God makes clear the path of life and death. Second, you must be wholly controlled by God’s Word (3). God’s Word must control and change you on the outside (“fingers”) and on the inside (“heart”) of your life. Third, you must exclusively love God’s Word (4-5). Calling wisdom “sister” is an OT expression of affection. To have this close affection with and for wisdom you must cultivate that kind of relationship with God’s Word. You do this by listening, consulting, being close with, loving. That is your only hope of protection not only from immorality, but any sin.

1. Think about the illustration of these “talks” as “glasses.” Have you ever looked through dirty or blurry glasses? How clearly can you “see” God’s wisdom?
2. Are you diligently keeping God’s Word as closely and carefully as you guard your eyes?
3. Does God’s Word control you on the inside and the outside of life?
4. How do you feel about God’s Word? Is it the dearest thing to you? Think about your days through the week. What kind of relationship does the time and attention you give the Lord Jesus Christ show?