Proverbs 3:19-26

What is the practical importance of living a God-centered life, not a self-centered life? Think about this: God’s work of creation was accomplished by his wisdom (vv. 19-20). When we think of God’s act of creation our focus is usually on his great power. Great power, however, must be correctly and constructively guided, directed, focused, and aimed, otherwise destruction, not creation, will result. Because God created life by his wisdom, you must live life in his creation by his wisdom! If you don’t live by the fear of the Lord—live a God-centered life—you’re depending on yourself, you think you’re smarter than God! When you do live by the fear of the Lord (vv. 21, 26), God’s wisdom guides and guards your life to help you:

  • Live correctly, v. 22
  • Make decisions, v. 23a
  • Avoid problems, v. 23b
  • Be safe and secure, vv. 24, 26b
  • Know how to respond to unexpected challenges and issues, v. 25

The things of life can never teach you how to live life, nor protect you from its many dangers and traps. The proverbs in this book will apply the fear of the Lord to dozens of situations and issues of life—live life focused on God, not yourself!

  1. If wisdom was essential to God’s creating all of life (vv. 19-20), what place should it have in your living life (v. 21)?
  2. How “smart” is it to trust the Lord of creation instead of creation? Re-read verses 19-26 and think through this.
  3. What is your responsibility (v. 21)? Take a few minutes to think about the admonition of v. 21b.
  4. What will the results of verses 22-25 be if you don’t do v. 21 or have v. 26?