Proverbs 3:13-18

Why should you live life focused on God and not yourself? Because it is essential for living! It is of greater value than anything in this world (13-18). While happiness in this world depends on getting things, wisdom brings true lasting happiness (v. 13). The effort you invest in gaining wisdom always pays off and is always valuable (vv. 14-15). What makes gold and silver so valuable is their rarity and the effort to get them; no dollar value can be put on wisdom! Nothing in this world is so valuable that it challenges wisdom (v. 15b); money buys things, wisdom gives life. Wisdom is the source of anything good in this life (v. 16). Wisdom always guides one toward true “pleasure”—peace, life, and happiness (vv. 17-18). Wealth and treasure may enable indulgence, some temporary security, the ability to live a little longer, and give some temporary pleasure, but they can be exhausted, stolen, or not fully enjoyed. Wisdom, however, is independent of circumstances and alone has the promise of life.

  1. Remember that biblical wisdom is the correct, skillful application of the fear of the Lord to daily life.
  2. What kind of effort are you putting into investing in wisdom? Is it your “business” or a “hobby”? What is the difference between the two?
  3. Think about the things you want in life, and think on verse 15.
  4. If you’re offered a new job you want to know pay, benefits, etc. Re-read these verses—what are the “pay and benefits” of wisdom?
  5. From verses 11 and 18, what are your responsibilities?
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