Romans 10

Continuing from chapter 9 why all Israel hasn’t been saved, Paul gives another reason why all Israel hasn’t been saved: they relied on their righteousness instead of Christ’s righteousness (9:30-10:21). Most Israelites did not attain salvation, but many Gentiles did because they believed in and trusted Christ (9:30). Unbelieving Israel, however, is lost because they trusted in themselves (9:31-33). Israel depended on their own righteousness (their keeping of the Law) when they should have depended on Christ’s righteousness (his keeping and fulfillment of the Law, 10:1-4).

Scripture says that salvation is not by the works of the Law but by hearing with faith (10:5-13). Israel did hear the gospel, but they did not believe it (10:14-21). Israel’s problem was not not knowing, but not believing.  

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. The only way the lost can be saved is by hearing and believing the gospel message. God is sovereign in salvation and has ordained the means by which he saves—through Christians giving and teaching the gospel. Sinners and saints are responsible!
  2. Paul longed to see his fellow Jews saved! Do you long for the salvation of souls? Is that seen in devoted prayer (v. 1)? Evidenced by bringing them the gospel (v. 14)?
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