Romans 9

Chapters 9-11 explain why most Jews didn’t believe the gospel Paul preached and addresses the Gentile tendency to look down on Jews. Romans 9:1-29 focuses on God’s sovereign election of some Israelites to salvation. Romans 9:30-10:21 focuses on Israel’s rejection of the gospel because of their unbelief. Romans 11 focuses on Israel’s present and future.

Paul begins by expressing his longing for all Israel to be saved (9:1-5) yet teaching that all Israel hasn’t been saved because God didn’t choose to save all of them (vv. 6-29). God saves those whom he chooses to save (vv. 6-13). God the Creator has the right to show mercy to whom he pleases (vv. 14-29). This is consistent with Scripture (vv. 15-18) and God’s character (vv. 19-29).

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. Salvation is entirely of the Lord, from beginning to end. Sinners deserve only one thing, judgment. The fact that any are saved is due entirely to God’s mercy. God is not obligated to show mercy. The fact that he does is astounding. Meditate and think on, submit to, and give thanks for God’s sovereign grace and mercy!
  2. God chooses to save some sinners based solely on his sovereign will, compassion, and mercy. The rest of sinners continue willingly in their sin, and God lets them go that way (v. 18). God endures rebels (v. 22) yet shows mercy to his elect (v. 23). No one can find fault with God (vv. 19-21) for no one deserves salvation.
  3. A right consideration of the doctrine of election should cause believers great joy, faith in the Lord, humility, faithfulness, zealous labor, personal holiness, and confidence in evangelism.
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