Acts 26

This is the last—and fullest—speech we have from Paul in the book of Acts. Remember that Acts’ purpose is to describe how the gospel of Christ spread from Jerusalem throughout the Roman empire. Since chapter 22 the Jews charged Paul with working against the “true” faith of the OT, yet Paul consistently asserted that he stood for their expectation of OT promises of hope and resurrection (23:6). Here Paul gives a thorough explanation of his life and labors for Jesus, finishing with a clear statement that life, hope, and light are found only in Jesus (v. 26).

Following Agrippa’s back-and-forth with Paul, the ruler sarcastically ridiculed Paul in verse 28 along the lines of “In just this short amount of time you think you can persuade me to repent and believe in Jesus of Nazareth? You’re crazy.” Agrippa’s conclusion concerning Paul’s case was that he didn’t deserve imprisonment and could have been freed (vv. 30-32).

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. The Christian’s personal testimony of salvation is extremely valuable for the witness and defense of the gospel. Christian, you are to be “always ready” to speak about Christ (1 Pet 3:15). Knowing Christian truth and relating how the Lord used that in your life is extremely valuable.
  2. Faithful Christian ministry involves declaring Christ (vv. 22-23), calling for immediate, genuine repentance (v. 20), being obedient (v. 19), and remembering that gospel truth is serious (v. 25). You must look to God for help, not men, witnessing to both small and great (vv. 22).