Matthew 22

Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast taught that the Jews (“those who are invited”) were rejected because they rejected Jesus (vv. 5-7). Others would be invited (vv. 8-10) but had to demonstrate fruits of righteousness resulting from true faith (vv. 11-14).

Three representatives demonstrating united Jewish rejection of Jesus are then given: the Herodians (controlled by politics, vv. 15-22), the Sadducees (controlled by rationalism, vv. 23-33), and the Pharisees (controlled by tradition, vv. 34-40). Their questions were not motivated by love and faith but hate and opposition.

Jesus’ point in verses 41-45 is that according to Scripture the Christ is both David’s descendant and greater than David. Jesus thus taught that the Christ would be both man and God, which the Pharisees refused to believe (v. 46).

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. Every level of the Jewish nation rejected and was opposed to Jesus. Though they were God’s people they needed to believe that Jesus was their promised King and Messiah. Because they did not, for the time being they have been set aside until Christ returns.
  2. The invitation to trust Christ is broadly given, but only those who repent, believe, and prove the genuineness of their faith by righteous lives will show themselves to be God’s elect (vv. 9-14). What are you depending on for eternal life?
  3. Is your thinking about the Bible controlled by politics? What makes sense to you (rationalism)? Tradition? If so, you will not believe what God says in it!
  4. Jesus answered and reproved questions formed to discredit him on the authority of Scripture (vv. 29, 31). The Bible is God’s Word, and no matter how seemingly intelligent, powerful, or religious unbelievers may be in this world, they must submit to Scripture. Don’t depend on anything else!