Matthew 17

This is part of a Daily Devotional Orwell Bible Church prepares each week. You can get a copy from our Downloads and Literature page.

Jesus had just said in 16:28 that some disciples would not die until they saw “the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” That is exactly what Matthew describes in 17:1-13. The “some” were Peter, James, and John who briefly saw Jesus’ kingdom glory when he was transfigured.

Evidently Jesus’ disciples took for granted the power to do miracles (vv. 14-16). Jesus reproved them for their weak faith, exhorting them to prayer-strengthened faith (vv. 17-21).

Only Matthew records vv. 24-27. As God incarnate Jesus was exempt from paying the annual upkeep tax for the temple where he as God was worshipped. However, he humbled himself and paid the tax to avoid unnecessary problems.

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. Jesus’ full glory will be seen by all when he comes again in his kingdom. Though he suffered and died he defeated death through his resurrection. Those who are wise will believe in and follow him now, not living for the world’s glory. Jesus will come in power and great glory!
  2. Where there is little prayer there is little power (v. 20). How do you depend on your own strength and ability? Through prayer you express your humility and dependence on the Lord and he gives needed strength and wisdom. Pray!
  3. Jesus humbled himself and paid a tax he was exempt from to avoid creating an unnecessary hindrance and problem (vv. 24-27). Christians must not offend others, even when they have “rights” (1 Cor 10:32-33).