Matthew 15

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Another conflict between Jesus and Jewish religious leaders is given (15:1–20). Matthew’s inclusion of this helped Jewish readers understand why Israel’s religious leaders rejected Jesus. They rejected Jesus because they were hypocrites who disobeyed and dishonored God.

Three more miracles are related. The first contrasts the faith of a Gentile with that of Jews (vv. 21–28); Jesus’ point in verse 26 is that or priority not exclusiveness: parents feed their children before pets. The other miracles (vv. 29–39) demonstrated Jesus’ compassion, and his miracles resulted in praise being given to “the God of Israel” (v. 31).

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. Human traditions are not bad but they are nowhere near the level of God’s commands. Yet how easy it is to elevate traditions above commands! This is a problem of human nature, something we all struggle with. Beware of falling into this trap, for such nullifies, not strengthens, God’s Word.
  2. Listen to Jesus’ words in verses 17–20. The character of your heart is seen by the character of your life.
  3. Jesus gave thanks for food, even a little amount (v. 36). Pausing before eating a meal to give thanks to the Lord and ask his blessing is something Jesus did—be like Jesus! Be thankful!
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