Prayer Meeting Message, March 25, 2020

Today’s message from James 1:4 can be viewed on YouTube or listened to and downloaded in mp3 format. Please contact us if you have questions or something we can pray for!

NT passages teaching perseverance:

  • Learning, applying, and obeying the Scriptures in and during the trial, Rom 15:3-4
  • A positive (“exult”) attitude toward the difficult even because through it God produces endurance, Rom 5:13
  • Being controlled by God’s Word provides the necessary strength for perseverance, Col 1:11
  • Providing a pattern for other Christians to follow, 2 Tim 3:10
  • An essential characteristic of those who have eternal life, Heb 10:36 (note vv. 35-39); Rev 1:9; 13:10)
  • Endurance characterizes the Christian life–it is a marathon, not a quick sprint–requires getting rid of every hindering weight and sin, Heb 12:1
  • Faithfully continuing to serve the Lord in and during the trial, 2 Cor 6:4
  • Recognizing that endurance/perseverance is an essential aspect of the Christian faith, and pursuing such relentlessly, 1 Tim 6:11
  • It is a mark expected of every believer, Luke 8:15; Rom 2:7; 1 Thess 1:3-4; Titus 2:2; 2 Pet 1:6

Isaac Watt’s hymn on the essential aspects of prayer (sing to the tune used for “Jesus Shall Reign”)–

Call upon God, adore, confess,
Petition, plead, and then declare
You are the Lord’s, give thanks and bless,
And let Amen confirm the prayer.