Proverbs 9:13-18

This last talk makes clear that you must choose either wisdom and life or foolishness and death. We have heard “wisdom’s” appeal and encouragement, now we will hear what “foolishness” has to say, and what will happen to those who choose this woeful woman. Foolishness’s invitation focuses and emphasizes externals (“clamorous,” 13a). She is “simple” (and that’s not a complement!) and “knows nothing” (13b), in other words, foolishness is completely ignorant of the Lord and His ways. Foolishness sits at the door, giving the sense of one who is lazy, a slob, dirty, messy, and boorish (14). Like wisdom (3b) foolishness also is at the highest places of the city (14b); this was where people would regularly gather for worship, so foolishness sets herself up in competition to the Lord. She appeals to those who know nothing (16), offering a feast significantly different from wisdom’s, one that is stolen from others rather than laboriously prepared (17). This “talk” describes the end of those who go in after foolishness (18). Foolishness doesn’t care about the future, seeking to gratify senses and live for “now.” Because of this those who follow her end up dead and in hell. If you go this route for fun and good times you’ll end up with the exact opposition.

  1. In every situation of life you always have two choices—wisdom or foolishness. Stop and think! Ask the Lord for help and wisdom!
  2. Your choice of wisdom or foolishness depends on whether you fear the Lord or not. Do you fear the Lord?
  3. Is there such a thing as the middle of the road? Which woman—wisdom or foolishness—would say there is?
  4. In Bible times dining with others was a close, personal relationship. Who are you cultivating that kind of a relationship with, God’s wisdom or foolishness’ friends death and hell?