Proverbs 8:1-11

In this talk wisdom speaks as if it were a person (this is called “personification”). “Wisdom” doesn’t tell us everything about her, just her key, important characteristics and how vital she is to living life by the fear of the Lord. This talk says that heeding God’s wisdom is vital for living in God’s world. “Wisdom” gives a bit of autobiography, insisting that life must be lived from her viewpoint. In other words, you must live from God’s viewpoint. She first says “Everyone, listen to me!” (vv. 1-5). No matter who you are or where you are in life, you must listen to wisdom, especially when you face different paths to take (2b). Wisdom is for everyone, even (especially!) for the simpleton (vv. 4-5). It can be known and understood, it’s not just for “smart” people. No one has any excuse. Second, “Wisdom” says “Here’s why you should listen to me!” (vv. 6-11) Wisdom’s pure, free-from-error character is described in vv. 6-8. Can this be said of anything or anyone in this world? No!  What is required to find wisdom? You must work hard to understand and find it (9), and value it more than anything in this world (10-11). If you have wisdom but not wealth you have everything, but if you have wealth but not wisdom you have nothing (cp. Mark 8:34-37). That is what God says, but the world says the opposite. Whom will you believe?

  1. Why do so many professing Christians not devote themselves to seeking and finding Christ’s wisdom? Is the problem with God? With the availability of wisdom?
  2. Gaining God’s wisdom requires faith in Jesus Christ, searching the Scriptures, and praying in faith for it. No money is needed! What specific actions are you taking to find it?
  3. Compare the character of wisdom’s words (7-9) with the world’s wisdom through books, music, videos, etc. Which do you know more of? How will that affect your outlook on life?
  4. What is the end result of a life characterized by wickedness? Of righteousness? What role does wisdom have in this?
  5. Is wealth truly essential for life, along the lines of air, food, shelter, and clothing?
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