Study Sheet on Daniel’s Prophecy of the 70 Weeks

These questions will help prepare you for next Sunday afternoon’s lesson which will look at Daniel’s prophecy the 70 weeks.

1.      Read Daniel 9, especially verses 24-27.

1) What Scriptural truth did Daniel read and meditate on in verse 2?

2) How did Daniel respond to this truth? What did he do?

3) How did God respond?

2.     From Daniel 9:24-27,

1) Who is in view in these verses? In other words, who are the “seventy weeks” decreed for (v. 24)?

2) What are the six things that will be accomplished during these “seventy weeks” (v. 24)?

3) When will this prophecy of seventy weeks begin (v. 25)?

4) How many “weeks” will pass until the Messiah comes (v. 25)?

5) What will happen after 62 weeks pass (v. 26)?

6) Who does “he” in verse 27 refer to? (Hint: verse 26)

7) What will “he” do in verse 27?

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