John 19

The following is from OBC’s daily devotional for today:

Here we read that Pilate made several efforts to release Jesus because he recognized his innocence and the Jews’ jealous hatred. Despite this, the Jews were determined to see Jesus crucified, and explicitly declared their rejection of Jesus as the promised Christ/Messiah and Son of God. Throughout Jesus’ trial and crucifixion there were repeated statements that Jesus was the King of the Jews (vv. 14-15, 19, 21; cf. 20:31). God’s will regarding all this was accomplished exactly as he said it would be in the OT.

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. Jesus was fully conscious and aware throughout the entire crucifixion ordeal (v. 28; he refused a drug-laced wine that would dull his senses, Matt 27:34). He suffered and died as the propitiation of sin, experiencing and enduring God’s wrath that sinners deserved (cf. Rom 3:25; Heb 2:17; 1 John 2:2; 4:10).
  2. Jesus’ suffering and death were voluntary (v. 30) and real; in other words, as a human being (cf. Heb 2:14-18).
  3. Jesus’ death must be believed for sinners to receive eternal life (v. 35); not as a mere historical fact, but that he, being the incarnate Son of God and the promised Christ voluntarily and innocently suffered, died, and was buried (cf. 1 Cor 15:3-4).
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