John 4

Jesus’ travel through Samaria, contact with a Samaritan, and a Samaritan woman were amazing because “Jews have no dealings with Samaritans” (v. 9). Jesus, however, “needed to go through Samaria” (v. 4). This event shows that every person, regardless of background, culture, religion, or gender is lost and needs salvation found only in Jesus Christ. Listen and learn from Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman! He pointed her to salvation in him (vv. 7-14) and called her to repent of her sins and wrong beliefs (vv. 15-26). Watch the effects of her testimony in others (vv. 39-42)!

Jesus then returned to Galilee (vv. 43-45). The word of Jesus’ turning the water into wine had so spread throughout the region that people viewed Jesus as a miracle worker. Such individuals did not believe in Jesus for who he was but for what he did. The nobleman (a government official) and all in his home however did believe in Jesus for who he was—the Christ the Son of God (vv. 49-54).

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. Faithful gospel ministry involves teaching the necessity of faith in Christ and repentance from sin and wrong worship. The Samaritan woman’s faith was wrong (v. 22)
  2. True worship is the believer’s right response to God’s truth (“worship in spirit and in truth”). Jesus did not say the Samaritan’s woman’s worship was a non-essential issue of personal preference but wrong doctrine! Worship does matter; Who is worshiped must control how one worships. Worship isn’t about an amazing experience, that makes the focus of worship oneself, not God!

True saving faith does not rest on “Jesus/God proving himself to you” but on who Jesus is. The signs and miracles Jesus did were mere stamps of approval on who Jesus was and what he taught. Do you believe in Jesus? What is the basis of your faith? What does your faith rest on?

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