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How to Understand and Get the Most Out of the Bible

Orwell Bible Institute’s Winter 2021 Session:
How to Understand and Get the Most Out of the Bible

First class is Tuesday, January 12, 7pm!

What is the Bible? Why is it important? What does it say? Why are there so many different interpretations of it? How can you correctly understand and apply the Bible to your life and get the most out of it?

You’re invited to a weekly webinar where Pastor Dan Greenfield of the Orwell Bible Church will help you learn answers to these questions!

Printed notes for each upcoming lesson will be available during Orwell Bible Church’s Sunday services. If you’re not able to get these they can be mailed or emailed, just let us know ( Included with the notes will be a worksheet to do after the lesson. These will help you learn the material better.

Orwell Bible Institute is part of the teaching ministry of our church to help you learn and apply God’s Word. Go here to learn more about OBI.

To watch the live webinar and receive the worksheets
you will need to register for this class.
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To watch recorded videos of these classes and download notes and worksheets, click here.

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