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Orwell Bible Institute

Orwell Bible Institute is part of the teaching ministry of our church
to help you learn and apply God’s Word!

Whether you hardly know anything or a lot about the Bible, these online classes aim to equip you to learn of and grow more like Christ (John 17:3; 17:17), correctly handle Scripture (2 Tim 2:15), and enable you to serve the Lord in and through His church (2 Tim 3:16-17). Pastor Dan Greenfield of Orwell Bible Church is the teacher.

Recommended ages for these classes are 12 and up. Weekly notes and worksheets are provided. Periodic quizzes and tests will be given, not for earning a grade but to enable students to better learn the material. Parents who are homeschooling their children could use these classes as part of their curriculum.

Weekly classes are given in webinar format, live-streamed Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Sessions are uploaded to our YouTube channel so you can watch them if you miss it or want to watch it again.

The Winter 2021 session is “How to Understand and Get the Most Out of the Bible.” Information about this class and registration are available here.

To view all videos and access notes and worksheets for the current class, go here.

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