Ruth 4

Boaz marries Ruth and they have a son; their genealogy to King David.

  • Why didn’t the closest relative want to buy Naomi’s property?
  • From this chapter, what is one of the main purposes of this book?

Some points to ponder–

  • V. 6–this man thought of himself, whereas Boaz thought of others (v. 10). The former did not want to jeopardize his earthly inheritance and yet reaped historical anonymity. Boaz reaped quite the opposite!
  • Vv. 11-12–Note that God answered this prayer more than they could have imagined!
  • In vv. 11-12 and vv. 14-15 prayer and spiritual language are readily used; this should be so in all of life, and it is sad when either it isn’t or becomes mere formality.
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