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Today’s Devotional: Mark 11

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Though Jesus had foretold his betrayal and death in Jerusalem, that did not change who he was, the Son of God, Israel’s King and Messiah. So when he entered Jerusalem he did so as Israel’s promised King, the Son of David, in accord with OT prophecies (vv. 1-11; cf. Zech 9:9).  

In the OT the Lord referred to Israel as a fig tree (Hos 9:10; Joel 1:7) and a vine (Isa 5:1-6) that he planted expecting good fruit from. Jesus’ judgment of the fruitless fig tree (vv. 12-14) demonstrated his judgment on Israel; despite their appearance as God’s people, their lack of faith and righteous fruit proved otherwise. Jesus also used this event to teach his disciples about prayer and faith (vv. 20-26).  

As the Son of God Jesus drove merchants out of the temple, his Father’s house, which was to be for prayer, not commerce (vv. 15-19).  

When Jesus was in the temple the religious leaders challenged his authority for what he did (vv. 27-28). Jesus thwarted their efforts by showing that as they did not submit to God’s authority manifested through John the Baptist’s message, so they would not submit to the same heavenly authority Jesus acted from (vv. 29-33).  

Truths to Nail Down and Apply

  1. Zechariah 9:9 foretold of the Messiah’s entrance into Jerusalem and 9:10 of his judgment of the nations, bringing an end to war, and establishing his worldwide rule. Zechariah 9:9 was fulfilled in Jesus’ first coming (Mark 11:1-7), and 9:10 will be fulfilled in his second coming (Rev 19:11-20:6).
  2. Looking like a Christian and being a Christian are two entirely different things. Though Israel looked like God’s people because of their religious actions, most of them were not God’s people because of their unbelief.
  3. Whenever you pray you must have a right attitude toward your sin before God (confession) and be forgiving toward those who sin against you.
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