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Today’s Devotional: Mark 4

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Mark 4

Following the Jewish religious leaders’ public rejection and repudiation of Jesus as the Messiah, Jesus taught the multitude a series of parables.

Jesus taught about the nature of true faith (vv. 3-9, 13-20). While truth about Jesus would be widely spread, those who truly are saved are marked by faith, obedience, and growing godliness (v. 20).

Jesus taught so people would believe and understand. Those who hear and obey will learn more, but those who disbelieve will be hardened to Christ’s truth (vv. 21-25).

In verses 26-29 Jesus described the power of his word in the lives of those who hear, bringing repentance and faith.

Jesus then taught (vv. 30-32) that in the present age the number of those who believe and grow in maturity will continue to increase.

Mark then relayed Jesus’ miracle of the calming of the seas (vv. 35-41), which reinforced Jesus’ credentials as the Christ, the Son of God.

Truths to Nail Down and Apply

  1. Through parables Jesus concealed truth that his true disciples would either grasp or ask the meaning about, but his enemies would not understand (vv. 10-12, 33-34; cf. Matt 13:10-17).
  2. Each parable makes one point and the parable’s details must be understood in relation to that one point.
  3. The crucial issue with Jesus’ teaching is how will you respond? You will either believe or disbelieve. What your life is like (its character) and what you do (actions) show what your response to Jesus really is.
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