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Luke 6

The following is from OBC’s daily devotional for today:

In verses 1-11 Jesus did not break God’s law to Israel regarding the Sabbath, though the Pharisees believed he did. The Pharisees added numerous details to God’s Word to “protect” the Law, but such were created by men. Jesus as God (v. 5) rightly interpreted and kept God’s Law.

In verses 20-49, Jesus taught Jews living in Israel under the jurisdiction of the Law about the character and conduct of those who are citizens of the coming Kingdom. Jesus taught as Israel’s Christ and King. Though the kingdom was not present (cf. 11:2), the King was present and he taught how his followers must live in a sin-cursed world.

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. The Sabbath is Saturday, the seventh day of the week (Exod 20:1). God commanded the nation of Israel to rest and do no work on the Sabbath. The Sabbath was a distinctly Israelite ordinance (Exod 31:13, 16). Disobeying this constitutional law was punishable by death (Exod 31:14; Num 15:32-36). Sadly, the entire nation’s disobedience of God’s law resulted in the destruction of the nation and their being removed from the land (Neh 13:18; Jer 17:19-27). Israel did not trust the Lord and so disobeyed him. we must learn from them (1 Cor 10:6-11)!!
  2. As the church is not Israel it is under the jurisdiction of Christ’s Law (1 Cor 9:21; Gal 6:2) not Moses’ Law to Israel (Rom 7:1-4). Nowhere in the NT did Jesus transfer the Sabbath to the first day of the week, Sunday (cf. Col 2:16-23).
  3. If you are a follower of and believer in Jesus Christ, does your lifestyle and response to Jesus’ teaching (Luke 6:43-49) support and demonstrate that? do you live for God’s approval (vv. 20-23) or man’s (vv. 24-26)? Love and be merciful (vv. 27-36). Forgive and be generous (vv. 37-38). Be holy and helpful (vv. 39-42).
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