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Proverbs 8:12-21

“Wisdom” continues her autobiography detailing why listening to her is vital for living in God’s world by specifying why she is essential to everyday life, detailing her character (12-14), effect (15-16), and blessings (17-21). What does “Wisdom” say about her character? Only God’s wisdom can help you make sensible, level-headed, carefully considered decisions in everyday life (v. 12, “prudence, knowledge, discretion”). Only wisdom teaches “the fear of the Lord” that results in a right attitude and action toward sin and wickedness (v. 13). You will loathe evil when you live in awe of God. What does “Wisdom” say about her effects (15-16)? Wisdom is the correct, skillful application of God’s truth to life. Everyone needs this, but those making decisions affecting many others (“kings, rulers, princes, nobles, judges”) have more detailed and complex issues than a store clerk or garbage man. The point here is that God’s wisdom effectively helps every believer fulfill their roles and responsibilities in a Christ-like manner. What does “Wisdom” say about her blessings (17-21)? When you live by the fear of the Lord in this world, generally speaking you’ll enjoy many good things in this life. This was particularly so when the Mosaic Covenant was in effect, as Israelites enjoyed definite material blessings when they obeyed the Law (cf. Deut 28:1–14). The blessings listed in Prov 8:18–21 are so because of wisdom’s character (v. 20). Listening to God is vital for living in God’s world!

  1. Is the Bible your ready and regular “go-to” for the “how-to’s” of life?
  2. Do you hate evil (v. 13)? If you don’t feel revulsion about sin, what does that say about the level of your fear of the Lord?
  3. Your needed resource for life is found with Christ, in the fear of the Lord. He can help you in every circumstance and situation.
  4. Where does the world say to look to enjoy life? Where does the Lord say to look (v. 20)? Whom will and do you believe?
  5. Do you love the Lord (v. 21)? What’s the difference between being an acquaintance and in love?
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