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Today’s Devotional: Mark 10:32-52

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Jesus led the twelve disciples to Jerusalem and others of his followers (v. 32; those who “were afraid” were those in addition to the twelve who “were amazed”). Taking the twelve aside for a third time Jesus told them that upon arriving in Jerusalem he, the Son of Man (another name for Messiah), would be betrayed, condemned by the Jews, killed by the Gentiles, and then rise from the dead (vv. 33-34).  

Earlier Peter said that he and the disciples left everything to follow Jesus (v. 28). James and John here asked that they would hold significant positions in the kingdom (vv. 35-37). Jesus said that while they would experience what he was about to (“drink the cup…be baptized,” vv. 38-39), positions in the kingdom would be allotted by the Father (v. 40). Jesus informed all the disciples that they should not be like unbelievers who strive for position and authority; they should rather be like him and serve others (vv. 42-45).  

A blind beggar, Bartimaeus, believed that Jesus was the Messiah and thus humbly asked Jesus to heal him, which he did, and the healed man followed Jesus (vv. 46-52). This last miracle Mark records before Jesus’ crucifixion draws a stark contrast with the proud and wealthy religious leaders. Poor, blind, Bartimaeus believed that Jesus was the “Son of David” (vv. 47-48), the Messiah. The wealthy Jewish religious leaders, however, were spiritually blind and unwilling to believe Jesus was the Son of God.  

Truths to Nail Down and Apply

  1. Jesus knew that great suffering was coming yet he faithfully, intentionally, and steadily marched toward it (v. 32). Thank and praise the Lord Jesus for this! Because he did so sinners can be saved! Tell others about this!
  2. Before Jesus was betrayed, condemned, and killed he said he would rise from the dead. He said this at least three times (8:31; 9:31; 10:34)! Jesus’ resurrection was never God’s “plan B” response; neither was his betrayal and death! All were God’s necessary plan for his glory and providing salvation for sinners.
  3. Jesus’ followers must be like Jesus (vv. 42-45). Who, and what, are you living for?
  4. Never evaluate someone spiritually by their outward circumstances (cf. vv. 47-52). What matters is faith, not fortune or fame.
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