Acts 4

Acts gives selected events and circumstances of the church’s early years to show how the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ was spread throughout the world. Chapter one gave Jesus’ instructions. Chapters two and three detailed the beginning of the church, its witness of Jesus, and miraculous signs confirming their message was from God.

This chapter details how the church, despite opposition from Jewish religious authorities, continued to boldly and confidently continue teaching and proclaiming that salvation was only possible by believing in Jesus (cf. 4:12).

As the church grew in number there were many among them with financial needs. The church was united (v. 32) so as one suffered, all suffered together. Needs among the church body were met as members of the church body voluntarily sold their own lands and gave the proceeds to the church to distribute accordingly (vv. 34-37).

Truths to Nail Down and Meditate On

  1. “There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (v. 12). This truth is the foundation and motivation for evangelism and Christian living. You must believe in Jesus alone, for there is no other way to be saved! If you do, he saves! Tell others!
  2. The church’s resource for boldness to obey Jesus’ command to witness (1:8) is united prayer to a sovereign God (4:23-31). Be sure to note how they prayed and what they prayed for. Pray with the church for the cause of Christ!
  3. The church shows its love for one another by meeting needs within the church (vv. 32-37). This springs naturally from union in Christ (v. 32), laboring together for the Cause of Christ (v. 33), and voluntary giving (vv. 32, 34). Are you “of one heart” with your church? Laboring together? Meeting one another’s needs?
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