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Numbers 24

Some thoughts for meditation following our daily devotional Scripture reading that is provided each week.

Balak again believed the Lord would be influenced and changed by moving to a different of location.

Through Balaam God said:

  1. Israel is beautiful and abundant, 5-7a
  2. Israel’s King and kingdom will be greater than any other, 7b
  3. Israel will destroy the nations who are their enemies, 8-9a
  4. Israel’s success lies with their God who promised such to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, 9b
  5. Israel’s glorious future King (“Star…Scepter”) will utterly destroy their enemies gathered against them, 15-24


  1. God is neither fickle nor faithless; he is immutable, true, and faithful.
  2. Israel’s prospects and greatness are entirely due to the Lord.
  3. No nation, no matter how great, powerful, and conniving, can stand against the Lord and his people Israel.
  4. God is praised through the mouths of his very enemies, and he even raises them up to show the greatness of his power by destroying them (Psa 76:10; Rom 9:17).
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