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Numbers 18

Some thoughts for meditation following our daily devotional Scripture reading that is provided each week.

Aaron and his descendants were alone responsible for “the work of the tabernacle of meeting.” The rest of the Levites attended to their and the tabernacles needs, but neither they nor any other Israelite were to enter the tabernacle.

The Aaronic priests and Levites were to be entirely devoted to the work of the tabernacle. Consequently, to enable them to do so they and their families’ food and income were provided for through the various sacrifices and tithes of the people. They in turn were to give 10% of such to the Lord as their tithe.


  1. Israel’s offerings were both acts of worship and needed provision for the Levites.
  2. God graciously provided for the Levites’ temporal needs.
  3. The Levites were to honor the Lord from their income and not just to be receivers. They were not the end of Israelite life in worship, God was.
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