Numbers 12

Some thoughts for meditation following our daily devotional Scripture reading that is provided each week.

Moses’s marriage to an Ethiopian woman was the occasion for Miriam to express her jealousy regarding Moses’s exalted position in the nation. She felt she deserved equal prominence with Moses because the Lord spoke through her and Aaron as well as Moses.

We are not told how Moses’s new wife served as the basis or catalyst for their criticism. Perhaps they asserted that because the Lord spoke through them and they had Israelite spouses, Moses with his non-Israelite spouse shouldn’t be any greater than them.

Regardless, their dissent was really against the Lord. The only reason for Moses’s position was because of God’s choice. Furthermore, Moses’s character spoke against their assertion that Moses was on a power kick: Moses was God’s faithful servant and very humble.

Consequently, because their argument and dissent was against the Lord he heard it, came down, spoke, and rendered judgment. Miriam’s being named first showed that she initiated this. Thus the Lord judged her public sin with a public judgment.

  1. Jealousy begins in the heart and must be put to death. If it is not it will fester and worsen. Even good events will be twisted and perverted into evil conclusions. Eventually it will be acted on and expressed, to one’s own shame.
  2. God’s servants must be humble and faithful. Such are the characteristics of servants. God’s servants labor for God’s glory, the good of his people, and the fulfillment of his will.
  3. God’s knowledge, assessment, and judgment of sin are perfect.
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