Numbers 10

Some thoughts for meditation following our daily devotional Scripture reading that is provided each week.

God ordained trumpets to call Israel’s attention. Understanding them required first knowing the intent behind each trumpet blast, otherwise it would be mere sound. Trumpet blasts were used for calling assemblies, advancing the entire nation, sounding alarm of attack, as well as in regular worship. The trumpets served to call the attention of part or all the nation. They would then gather at the tabernacle to learn whatever information was needed (vv. 3-4).

It is not an understatement to say that without the trumpets national life would be chaotic. Also note that by the trumpets God would remember them and they would remember God, for he was the Lord their God (vv. 9-10).

The priests were responsible for blowing the trumpets (v. 8). Note that the priests were intricately involved, essential, and central to life in the OT theocratic nation. As a theocratic nation God was their ruler, and he mediated that rule through chosen men (prophets, priests, and kings).

After a year at Mt. Sinai the nation set out according to the prescribed order. Their expectation was the place which the Lord was to give them, and this confidence was the Lord’s promise of good things (v. 29). Though the Kenites initially declined Moses’ invitation to join them, later Scripture shows they did accept his persistent request (vv. 29-32; Judg 1:16).

As they left or settled, led by the Lord’s direction via his presence through the cloud and the ark, Moses prayed for God to defeat every enemy and bless Israel (35-36).


  1. Only God’s Word is the source of meaning and significance in life. Without the revelation of Scripture there is just the meaningless blast of one trumpet or another.
  2. God’s promises compel urging others to partake of them. Those who have received God’s promises know there is infinitely greater good with the Lord than anything else. Thus souls must be urged to leave the world and follow Christ.
  3. God’s promises must guide and be the content of our prayers. Believers are to pray according to God’s will, and his will is only given in the Scriptures. The greater knowledge of and faith in the Scriptures, the better one’s prayers will seek God’s will and glory.
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