Numbers 1

Some thoughts for meditation following our daily devotional Scripture reading that is provided each week.

603, 550 able-bodied men of Israel over the age of 20 who could go to war. Consider: What family having a number of children (12+ in Jacob’s case), would after over 400 years become a nation in their own right? And one before which a world superpower is brought to its knees? Only by the Lord’s promises and power could such a thing happen!

Despite the evil done to Joseph by his brothers, the Lord worked through that to preserve them. Despite their slavery in Egypt, God made them a great nation. Despite Pharaoh’s attempt to limit their number by slaughtering newborn boys, God protected them.

At this point, after a year at Mount Sinai, God established them as a nation with himself as their king (Exod 19:5-6), and gave them a body of statutes and laws. He established rulers through which he would govern them. He provided a means for their worship of sacrifices through the tabernacle, Levitical priesthood, and sacrifices.

This census should cause us to recognize the greatness of the Lord, of his promises, power, protection, and grace!

Recommended hymn: “The God of Abram Praise,” Hymns to the Living God, number 7.

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