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Proverbs 6:25-35


Here are reasons to adhere to God’s Word , namely, to avoid adultery’s horrors. You must train your desires and affections (25); such training doesn’t happen immediately, it is continual, everyday. Be controlled by the fear of the Lord, by Scripture, not by sinful passions. When you are you’ll see temptations for what they are (24-25) to avoid their perils (26-35). The first temptation to adultery is silky smooth speech (24). “Flattery” is false praise offered for selfish reasons. It is the language of lust, not love; of adultery, not marriage. It comes from one who doesn’t know, love, or obey the Lord (“evil”). The second temptation is heart-snaring, eye-catching, alluring appearance (25) that entices to sin through physical appearance. When you adhere to God’s Word you’ll see through flattery and not be deceived by appearances. Beware the perils of adultery (26-35)! The first peril is you will get “burned” (27-29). Adultery always has harmful effects and consequences. The danger is you’re not thinking about the effects and consequences when you’re being lured in by flattering speech and alluring appearance; you’re only thinking about the moment, about yourself. The second peril is you will lose everything (26, 30-35). Most understand the starving thief’s motivation (he needs to eat), but he still has to pay the price. When it comes to adultery and sexual immorality, there is no “legitimate” reason and there are tremendous consequences. What will happen? You will lose your soul (32), your honor/testimony (33), and possibly your life (26, 34-35). Adhere to God’s Word to avoid adultery’s horrors!

1. How does a healthy fear of the Lord help avoid adultery’s temptations and consequences?
2. Did God give us desires for close intimacy? When has he said is it right to experience such? How should that control you?
3. Does culture and society have this view of adultery and sexual promiscuity? Is your heart and mind taught more by that or God’s Word?
4. In the “heat of the moment” do you always think straight? How would having your mind and heart “pre-programmed” with God’s Word help?
5. Check out Job 31:1; Matt 5:28; 15:19; Rom 13:14.

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