Proverbs 6 20-24

This next “talk” (6:20-35) gives wisdom’s protection from adultery: adhere to God’s Word avoids adultery’s horrors. Your responsibility is to faithfully obey God’s Word (20-21). Verse 21 vividly illustrates verse 20—you secure what you don’t want to lose (“bind, tie”). This isn’t rote memory, it is in the core of your being, essential to life (“heart, neck”). There are three results of faithfully obeying God’s Word describing the protection it gives from immorality’s continual bombardment (22). (1) You will always be shepherded, v. 22a; (2) you will always be protected, v. 22b; (3) you will always be taught, v. 22c. There are definite reasons for faithful obedience (23-24). God’s Word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path (v. 23; Ps 19:4; 119:105). Do you like walking in dark, dangerous areas? Would you go through a mine field without a detector? Don’t live life like that! You don’t have to be in the dark! Be wise, not foolish! God’s Word shows you where to go and what to avoid. The practical importance of this is seen in verse 24, which tells of a temptation to immorality (“the flattering tongue”) that is interpreted two different ways. The fool is impressed, but the wise are alarmed. This doesn’t happen automatically or naturally. It requires knowing, believing, and being disciplined by God’s Word (20-21; Heb 5:14). Practically fearing the Lord is seen by adhering to God’s Word to avoid adultery’s horrors!

1. What are some things you do that are just boring, mundane, daily chores that you do without thinking? Is that what is meant by vv. 20-21? What’s the difference practically?
2. How are you “tying down” God’s Word in your heart (21)?
3. How can your “grip” on God’s Word be loosened?
4. Do you remember what it means to fear the Lord?

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