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Proverbs 6:16-19


The sixth “talk” teaching the skillful application of God’s Word (“wisdom”) is an exhortation: stay away from bad debt, laziness, and troublemakers (6:1–19). This section (16-19) gives more detail to the wicked person’s portrait from verses 12-15 (same body parts and actions are described). The phrase “six…seven” gives a sampling, not a complete list (16). The proud (16a) don’t give a thought about God and so look down on everyone else; the complete opposite of a Christian outlook (Phil 2:1-8). As a liar (16b, 19a) he doesn’t live or promote truth but changes things around for evil ends. This kind of person has no heart for others but is quickly violent and destructive (17c). There’s no hesitation, he’s quick and enthusiastic to join in mayhem, destruction, and mischief (18b). From “head to toe” the wicked person is totally corrupted by sin. The path of wisdom—practically living out the fear of the Lord—is to love what God loves and hate what he hates. Christ saves sinners to be like him (Rom 8:29). Who you are, what you do, and the kind of people you associate with affects you. Stay away from the wicked!

1. Invest some serious time comparing and contrasting the character and actions of the wicked with the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. What can happen if you willingly put yourself with those who have these characteristics and actions?
3. Are there certain things about this kind of person you appreciate? Enjoy? Get a kick out of? Laugh at? How do your feelings match up with God’s feelings (v. 16)?
4. Evaluate your life and actions by the descriptions in vv. 12-19.

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