Proverbs 5:15-20

The last aspect of avoiding immorality and loving your spouse (5:1–23) is love your spouse and no one else (5:15–20). To avoid the pit of death that adultery leads to you must be faithful to and love your spouse. Listen to three solid reasons why you must love your spouse and no one else. First, marital faithfulness is better than promiscuity (15–18). God provides marriage as the only “arena” to know and enjoy the blessings of physical intimacy (15). Don’t bring your love and desire to anyone else other than your spouse (16–17). Second, martial faithfulness provides great delight (18–19). The husband and wife fill and refresh each other (18). Marriage involves mutual joy and fulfillment. Be “addicted” to your spouse’s love—that is God-given protection from illicit, unlawful passion (19). There is never a time or circumstance when you should look for physical intimacy with anyone other than your spouse. Third, marital faithfulness protects from infidelity (20). The road leading to adultery looks good at the turn, but its end is corruption and death (cf. vv. 4–5, 9–14). Why would you be your own worst enemy, preferring poisoned and stolen puddle-water instead of the pure living waters of your own well?

  1. Slowly read through this section, and think about this: Which is put on public display and which is enjoyed privately, promiscuity/immorality or marriage? Evaluate what you see and hear in the world today by this.
  2. Where does God say is true enjoyment of intimacy? Why don’t more people believe this?
  3. Note that verse 19 commands what you are to be satisfied, enraptured, intoxicated, ravished, and exhilarated with. Who created marriage? Does God know what is best?
  4. When both spouses have this commitment, what kind of relationship will they have? Contrast this with the situation in verse 20—what kind of relationship will that be?
  5. Where—and with whom—do you enjoy intimacy? Are you in line with God’s will and gracious provision?
  6. What changes do you need to make in your relationship with your spouse so you both enjoy this gift and protection from God?
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